You know the feeling of finally stepping outside into the crisp evening air after an extra stressful day at school or the office? When your cheeks start to blush and you finally feel free and energized? That’s how I felt walking away from the “Dream, Girl” screening.

This film re-ignited a flame in my heart that has felt dim for too long – the flame that empowers and begs me to pursue my deepest dreams and take every step I can to achieve them.

“Dream, Girl” profiles a handful of female entrepreneurs from completely diverse backgrounds and documents how each of them followed their own inner spark and turned their dreams into plans. Toward the end of the film, one of the women offered some advice that really struck a chord with me. Her words were simply, “own your space. Step into your power.”

What she said really sums up the message of the film, which is that no matter what your dream is or what steps it takes to get there, never let the pressures or negativity of society push you into giving up.

The entrepreneurs in the movie spoke to various challenges women continue to face in business, in spite of the strides we’ve made over the decades. One woman, who co-founded a 3D printing company, explained her struggles working in the STEM field, where gender roles run rampant and male businessmen will often assume her male co-founder has all the answers to their technological questions, when in fact she is the one with the extensive tech background.

Another woman discussed her signature look – big natural hair topped off with a flower pin – and how she sometimes felt that she wasn’t taken seriously with such a style. Yet she’s never changed her look, and has instead completely owned it, worked it and flaunted it as a beautiful expression of who she is.

Their stories and so many more left me feeling powerful and capable. They reminded me that no matter what or who tries to stand in a girl’s way of fulfilling her dream, it’s her strong sense of self and an unwavering commitment to her passion that will carry her through to success. Moreover, it reinforced the importance of positive female friendships and girl-to-girl empowerment. After all, “the future is female,” as the saying goes, and when we encourage ourselves and one another to own our space and step into our power, that’s when we become unstoppable.

“Dream, Girl,” gave me a candid and deeply inspiring look into the power of my dreams and my potential as successful entrepreneur I can and will become – I hope it can be the same for you!

If you missed our pre-screening, don’t sweat – you can purchase the documentary at Dream, Girl film, plus we’ll be screening a new film called True, Love at our Pop Up Cinema on February 3!