Project Patch is a company that’s all heart, led by a young woman who has embraced her roots to share love while sowing seed into others.

Sonal Kapoor, founder of Project Patch and student at UC Berkley, said her Indian heritage strongly shaped her dream of finding a way to improve the lives of underprivileged women in New Dehli through the art of embroidery.

“Both of my parents are from India, and they moved here in their early twenties. I’ve only been to India once, in the sixth grade. Obviously it’s a developing country with a large population. It was very difficult to see that, and my parents didn’t really prepare me for what I saw there.”

Sonal is determined to do what she can to benefit different communities as well as her own. Giving back is nothing new to Sonal, and Project Patch is far from her first nonprofit venture.

The idea for Project Patch was conceived when Sonal’s mother told her about an organization called Pins and Needles, which teaches underprivileged women in New Dehli how to become self-sufficient through the art of embroidery. Sonal buys the embroidered fabric directly from Pins and Needles and, with the help of her mother, coverts it into these adorable iron-on patches.

Sonal was drawn to Pins and Needles’ commitment to encouraging self-reliance and sufficiency among these incredible Indian women who might not otherwise have such an opportunity.

“These women are able to reap long-term benefits from their embroidery,” Sonal said. “This is their bread and butter; it’s what they’re surviving off of.”

Though Sonal says it’s hard for her to choose just one patch that’s her favorite, the ones she loves most – and the type of patch she’s planning on designing herself soon – are the ones that convey a message of female empowerment. Girl power is a theme that powers Project Patch as well as Pins and Needles, especially considering the fact that the women themselves are now beginning to teach new women who come into the group, rather than just the founder doing the teaching.

And this is just the beginning for the golden heart and generous spirit that is Sonal. Her biggest goal for this year is to take a trip to New Dehli and finally visit the women behind the patches.

Until then, she said she’s working hard at her home base to educate others about her cause, share the Project Patch love among college students, and eventually sell her patches in-person and at craft fairs. Her heart is to see Pins and Needles expand and to grow Project Patch along with it – and here at She’s Trending, we’re all about it.

“I’m trending because I am pursuing what I am passionate about and because I’m doing something that I am proud to take ownership of,” she says. “At times it is challenging, but worth all the growth that comes along with it.”

To order some of these adorable patches for yourself and spread the love, visit their website or follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook @ ProjectPatchShop.